Morton County Health System Immunization department would like to help explain what each categories to the public, so we can ease people's minds and so no one misreads the information. Also we would like to the community to taking this serious we currently have zero patients hospitalized in Morton County.

Morton County Residents Tested - It means someone who fills out a hospital form and states they live in Morton County. It does not mean they got tested here. They could have been tested in Stevens County, Texas County, or some other county.

Positive Confirmed Cases - Are cases that have been tested here in Morton County and have came back Positive.

Recovered - Anyone who tested Positive for COVID-19, then have been cleared at a later date.

Negative Lab Results - Anyone who feels ill and wants tested for COVID-19 and tests come back negative.

Pending Lab Results - Are test that Morton County Health System has tested and sent to the testing facility. During pending cases, the patient is on isolation until results come back.

Total Isolated/Quarantined Contacts - Is anyone that has come in contact in anyway of someone that has tested positive of COVID-19. Does not mean they are sick or ill, just a precaution.

Total Quarantined Travelers - Anyone that has traveled to any area Kansas has deemed a hot spot and must be quarantined. They may not have COVID-19 or any symptoms but just a precaution.

For more information please follow this link to Kansas Department of Health and Enviroment.

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